A movie or television show without a soundtrack seems lifeless. Why? ...because music is vital to the experience. Why should we think any different of cd-roms, websites, kiosks, and video? Even the most subtle sound effects and music can set the proper tone for effective communication.

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WetSoul Productions creates original music, customised towards your design objectives.

  • Soundtracks and Sound Design Specialized for:
    • Film & Video
    • Video Games
    • Websites
    • CD-ROM
  • Seemless Sound Loops and Transitions
  • Sound Effects
  • Syncronization
  • Flash / Shockwave Knowledge
  • Digital and Analog Video Capabilities
  • Web Optimization
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Jeremy A. Wetzel is a multimedia programmer and freelance music composer based in Washington D.C. His first degree is specialized in Audio/Media Techniques. These studies directed him towards not only the technical execution of recording and music composition, but also the communication aspects of music used with visual media. It was during this time he discovered an understanding of instrumentation and their different roles in composition.


Jeremy then attended an art school to study "Multimedia", and refine his skills for a greater understanding of how other media types work together. He learned more about visual media like graphics and video, how to design effective interactivity, and ultimately became a programmer. Constantly seeking opportunities to take advantage of his knowledge of media and passion for music, Jeremy would like push the boundaries of music as a communication tool.

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